My turn: who am I ?

My try at this game… I’ll give some hints to keep it fun.
So you should try to give the boy actors name.

1: British movie about a team of poor kids forming a football team. (recent film)

2: German kids flick about a ghost. 2 boys, so 2 names. (recent film)

3: German family film about a boy and girl who don’t see their father enough. (recent film)


4: A recent british movie. Only looking for the boy who is in all two pictures, the other one has been guessed in Who am I 2 by Yann13


5: A movie about a diplomats son who meets an Count while he is at a Spa. (1988)

6: Dutch movie about losing a friend in 8th grade. (his last name is also used in Allo Allo by the Gestappo officer) (2012)

French movie (recent). A new one in the same series is coming out soon. Serious hint: his co actor in this movie is named Belle (and no, he’s no beast).


Some are quite difficult (specially for those who only speak english), but with the hints you can get your memory jogged.

17 thoughts on “My turn: who am I ?

  1. 4: I recall this film !! Is this call, Das Kleine Gespenst said, the little ghost laugh
    6: Would not it be Bram Flick? I saw a band of announcement of this film dragging on Youtube
    Last: This is Felix Bossuet in Belle et Sébastien. How would never forget is beautiful film I’ve seen more than 3 times laugh

    For the rest it tells me nothing even # 4 smile !

  2. The full list is:
    Movie title – Actor
    1: Believe – Jack smith
    2: Das kleine Gespenst – Jonas Holdenrieder, Nico Hartung
    3: Der nanny – Arved Friese
    4: The go-between – Jack hollington
    5: Burning secret – David Eberts
    6: 8e groepers huilen niet (Cool kids don’t cry) – Bram Flick
    7: Belle et sebastien – Felix Bossuet

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