Jake Short 2

My second Jake Short post. I love this lovely hottie so much <3

jake short cute heart gif

Heart Jake


Model Jake


Fit Jake


Drag Jake


Long hair Jake


Doggy Jake


Glasses Jake


Seductive Jake


Chubby face Jake


Shirtless Jake

Hope you liked the post.  What would you like my next post to be?
a)Shirtless boys     b) boys in boxers      c)cute cartoon boys    d)Crazy boys

12 thoughts on “Jake Short 2

  1. he is so cute, he is the only reason I watched his show. I just thought about this. I watch a lot of Disney and Nick shows and they almost never have all the hot boys wearing shorts, they almost always hide their sexy legs

    • i know, and they have even less scenes with said boys in nothing but undies ): such a waste, if i were the director i would have the boy actors strip as much as i could laugh I think the shows’ rating would go up if the boys showed their legs more like you say.

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