JPP – VI : What Boyhood should be like

I often think back to the times when my best friend and I used to play in the streets and fields of my home town in the early 2000’s. All these special moments that only a boy can feel… Those were the happiest days of my life so far, forgetting for some golden hours all the trouble that I used to have at home.

Looking at how a lot of children grow up nowadays, I often feel sorry knowing what they are missing.






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This was probably my last or second last JPP post. Any wishes what you want to see next?


11 thoughts on “JPP – VI : What Boyhood should be like

  1. Thomix, you make me remember, that beautiful days, now old days. Please keep
    posting these pictures. Are very cute and for the present times are So precious that the value cannot be measured. Thanks very much Thomix. heart good drinks Prost ! hug

  2. I think what i am most sad about of my generation is that i didn’t get to wear short shorts like the ones in #3 sad I would have loved to wear them and to see some of my friends in them too.

  3. Thank you to remember how nice were these days. Born in 1946, I had no TV, video game, few movies for children. and some Saturday only. But we had imagination and created a lot of games with everything found all around. It was a really good thing for imagination. And we speak easily with adults without thinking bad things about them. And we had too nice short, really short, so pretty to look.
    To day, I have no TV, no radio. But I go on with books, books and books. And movies of course, with DVD. And walk and hike on the mountains all around my little home. All my boys have been like me. Now they are adults, of course, and have children, but we keep going on this way of life. I must say they try to, because modern life may seem different for their children. But it is possible ! Thanks for these nice picts of our childhood.

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