10 thoughts on “Sunday chill mix teen.

  1. All very handsome and alluring young boys. I like the Boy in pic.4 . The way he’s sitting and the sight of his white undies , well need I say more…

  2. #2. A cute Fem Boy. #4 He’s Packing. #5 The perfect Beach-Boy.
    #9. This boy is gorgeous. A beautiful face with long eye lashes and lovely lips.
    Smooth, flawless skin. Knowing that he is nude under the shower is almost too much
    #11 Dazzling young boys, in Love and holding hands. I’m glad for them. They can show
    their Love in public. This was not possible a few years back.

    • Yes. It would’ve been so great if I could’ve held hands with another boy in public when I was young. Like straight people do.
      We in the U.S. still have a long way to go to stop the bullying and bigotry in our schools. dash

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