What will they sing?

Hi guys laugh! Try to guess what the boys sing smile ! I hope you like my taste in music laugh

10 thoughts on “What will they sing?

  1. You have great taste in music. I love them all. This is a wonderful post. Thanks !!
    #1 Tons of youthful energy and beauty. Wonderful Production
    #3 Beautiful French Boys & Girls. Angelic voices.
    #4 Ronan Parke. I fell in Love with him the first time I saw him on ‘Britain’s got Talent’.
    Ronan is 17 years old now. Go to YouTube and listen to his video about bullying.
    ” I’m Free to be….” It is assumed he is gay
    #5 Cute kids and song dressed in traditional Russian or Polish costumes.
    #5 Stunning boy with an amazing voice. “Hallelujah” is a wonderful song. Language ??
    You must go to You Tube and listen to ‘Hallelujah’ sung by: Jotta A. and also to
    Norwegian, Boy Soprano, Aksel JS Rykkin. The greatest Boy Soprano of our time.
    And he is beautiful.

    • Wow wow shock I am amazed smile !! Yes exact! You are very cultivated has what I see hahaha laugh I left to see Aksel JS Rykkvin I adore his beautiful costume pink and I find that it has a beautiful voice all this mixture of dynamism and smoothness… Just. For Ronan I do not have to find this video about of which to speak to you about it, you will not have a link? smile

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