Olivier, the editing genious

Time to present you: Olivier. This boy is cute, funny and likes video editing. He is Dutch, but most of his video’s are made in English to get a larger audience and he does participate in some video competitions.

I am sure that one day he’ll make it big time.

Here you can get a look at him.

Here he is just having some fun.

Some more fun with a cute friend.

Some experiments, but boy, does he look good and fit in this video.

Ice bucket challenge, but he gives it a twist.

How to gain followers in Instagram

And some of his work from youtube. He is really quite good at this stuff. And funny.

I hope the youtube links work.

9 thoughts on “Olivier, the editing genious

  1. I’m proud to be Dutch as well for having such talented boys around here. He is really following his heart, and i love that. He’s gonna make it if he does what he did at an older age. Verry cute kid.

  2. WOW. this is worth us much $ Freudian id any. WOW and freckles and all [ a dollar each spot ] [ and video clever much more ] WOW … ziz

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