22 thoughts on “Vladislav Igorevitsh Shibanov

  1. I know what it is, in my own heart, after the death of my little angel Omar. I had tears viewing these picts of Vladislav. It was a lovely boy… cry

      • The films are probably in the net. But you should never buy something offensive in the clearnet. Buying is dangerous.
        I think the films starring Vladik are not really forbidden. Azov films was closed due to other films.
        I never was farther interested in his nudist films. Vladik was no nudist, he was paid for it. In his non-nude pictures I find more pleasure and happiness.

  2. Yeah he was a very adorable nudist boy! Unfortunately AZOV films was founded to be distribution of CP! Also where claims that Vald before his death was sexually molested by his photojournalist?!? Factually in my opinion the DVDs where nothing more than nudism, nudist, naturist life style videos! Vald is very much so missed amongst the nudism, nudist, naturist community!

    • I’ve read in a newspaper that the police found a non-published porn video of him with some other boys. There are also one or two legal vids at age 18.
      As most people are only interested in how to punish the bl, it’s hard to find out what happened to the boys. All I know from reading: The photographer stayed “friends” with Vladik and his family until Vladik’s death and also payed the tomb. When Azov films was closed, Vladik’s mother claimed that she had not known anything.
      Surely Vladik was not a true nudist boy and was exploited by the photographer. But I think that he was not really forced to anything. He was offered gifts and activities he could never have otherwise.

  3. he was a very cute boy, I read above about claims of molesting, Unfortunate sometimes it happens to these kinds of models even if the pictures do not show it. As i said yesterday in a similar thread, he made a lot of people happy, A life is never wasted that has an effect on another persons life. I was very saddened by the news of this event. But he is immortalized by the legacy he left behind. I love you Vlad

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