21 thoughts on “Florian Poddelka and Gavin Casalegno

  1. I love Gavin Casalegno heart
    The best pictures are from his movie “I am Gabriel”. A little angel with gorgeous eyes!
    But I still love him now. He is older, yes, and he lost his boyish charme a bit. But his eyes and his lips are one of a kind and still lovely

  2. What a wonderful combination! You know I love heart Florian, Maxie, and these photos show him so well. Gavin is very beautiful too and the first picture of him has held my attention for some time!

    • I knew you are gonna be Happy whith the combination.Most of the pics from Gavin, are from his film – I am Gabriel -, he plays a little angel. but I consider that the best pic from all, is pic No. 1 from Florian yes . Appears with all his beauty in a passport-pic. Tks for your comment flo. good drinks hug

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