Hello, this is my first post :)

Hey guys, I’m Marti and just like many others I first started to follow this site on a daily base for months. So, I now decided to join this beatiful and great site. smile But I have a few questions.
* Is it illegal to be on this site in Germany? I only know that there are really strict rules with child pornography, so please help me. I don’t want to go to jail. smile
* And second one: Is it awkward that I’m in to young (12-17 years) boys evan though I’m 17 years old? I mean I am really old. Or is it even pedophil because some people said this to me.. I can’t help me out.. Thank you for your answers smile

And this is my first picture: smileimage


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  1. Der zentrale Begriff in der deutschen Rechtslage zu diesem Thema ist die sexuelle Handlung. Solange keine sexuelle Handlung dargestellt ist, handelt es sich nicht um Pornographie. Eine sexuelle Handlung setzt keine Nacktheit voraus. Ob schon das In-den-Fokus-stellen gewisser Körperteile unter KiPo fällt, ist umstritten.
    In aller Regel wirst du hier nur Bilder finden, die nach deutscher Rechtslage vollkommen legal sind. Sollte das mal nicht so sein, verlass die Seite.

  2. Hi and welcome the answer to your questions is no it’s not ilageal as none of the boys are naked or posing in a sexual way so it can’t be classed as porn . Do you like boys in a sexual way or just they way they look ? If it’s a sexual want then yes your a pedaphoile but if you just like them in a non sexual way your a boy lover there’s a difference

    • The difference between pedophile and boylover is simply that pedophile fits to girls as well. If you feel mostly attracted to preteen boys, you’re probably not just gay and will never be. Attraction does not mean only sexually, but wishing to spend your time with boys, in whatever way. If you feel attracted to teen boys, that could be normal as you’re no adult yet, or ephebophile.

        • There is no such thing as normal. People trying to “be normal” are simply acting as they think that someone else thinks they should. If you want to be normal be your self. Act like you believe you should act. If you act different than you believe that is not normal. Most people act as they think others think they should, there fore they are not normal.
          Be who you are. Don’t hurt others simply for your gain. If you do those things it does not matter what someone thinks of you, Do not worry about them

      • This is such a difficult issue, yes you are right, we love boys bcs we never developed sexually and remained with our first attractions, but in other ways we developed and most of us were very successful, but I still would not trade you, I was married, what a nightmare!

    • Yeßh friend this life is difficult, what can we do though, we are this way, and wow you know what I wouldn’t change it, I so love these boys so pretty, so great, thanks!

  3. However you call it: You can’t change it anyway. So be what you are, don’t feel ashamed, afraid or bad about it, and let people call you and think about you and hate you the way they always used to.

    • Yeah I agree Thomix we are who we are and well some like us just this way, I have men that appreciate me for my view, they feel good that I liked them as they were, and still love them for who they have become, some are gay, many not, funny the gay ones are more difficult, why is that?

  4. Welcome here. Don’t worry that much. This site is run by a German and the rules of the site are so that they don’t allow for any image that can be classified as porn. (Most of europe has the same rules/definition).

    And BoyLover or pedophile… Everyone will give a definition as they wish. A pedophile is someone attracted to minors, a boylover is attracted to male minors… So by definition a boylover is a pedophile. Since pedophile has such a negative connotation we prefer to use the word boylover. In specialist literature there is a distinction between pedophile and pedosexual (don’t know if it was sexually attracted to or actually acting upon it).

    But don’t worry about it, we won’t bother with names or definitions. Just remember most boylover will put the interest of the boy way before their own interests and wouldn’t dare hurt a child or do anything he wouldn’t want. But that’s not what society believes.

      • Yeah such a difficult word, always makes a person feel dirty and used a lot these days, but I disagree with anyone that tries to draw a line between the phrases boy lover and paedophile we are one and the same, I’ll let you guys know something else, a woman is sexually attracted to her baby she feels it as a gut animal instict, this is why she protects it with her life, odd fact, but true nonetheless, science has mapped the brain for woman in love, a d who have given birth, brain stimulation is identical!

  5. Huhu willkommen hier hug Ich hoffe du lernst hier ein paar nette Leute kennen, die dich unterstützen. Thomix und paar andere kennst du ja jetzt auch schon laugh Kannst mich aber auch jederzeit per PM fragen wenn du magst. lg smile

  6. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you. I’m also 17 and into boys my age and younger teen boys. I say just be who you are and don’t try to be someone else just to fit into society. smile

  7. This is a private site for people who like model boys there’s actually no sexual pics. Any sexual thoughts are in the mind of the viewer. Some American viewers say the rules are fairly tight there but these pics are accepted. At one time the Ģerman people Were outgoing and free what’s happened. Nobody nose your age.who you are. Carry on.

    • Interesting thing about the American law, it is defined as meant for the purpose of arousal, but interpreted as could be used for the purpose of arousal. while in general these pictures are accepted as not pornography because of the broad definition of it they could be seen as pornography. All the diligent police officer has to do is state or imply in his report that the subject was or appeared aroused. And even a picture showing only a shadow of a child that appears to have cloths can be porn.

      • What police officer ìs going tò say he was aroused and the bòy was aroused añd everybody else was aroused. I think the courts would throw this out as tim.e wasting . Anybody can get aroused any time . I hope i don’t look at a policeman and get aroused . Still you don’t see many policeman these days.

        • We were discussing the pictures and sites like this. All it takes I one police officer that wants to make a name, and one picture of any kind involving a minor and he states that the looker of said picture appears to be aroused. Or other such wording, to make this accusation substantial. The courts in the US do not think this is a waste of time. It does not matter that there are cloths on the subject

  8. Marti – The best thing to do to find out the rules at least so far as contact goes, and these are a good guide to other stuff, is to google ‘ages of sexual consent in European Union countries’ (or wherever).

    These won’t help with the definition of images as legal or not, but will give a good idea. I think (but don’t know and am not advising you, not knowing the detailed law) that simple images, at least covered around the mid-section (front and back), not obviously posed for sexual emphasis, are ok. You could also google ‘definition of pornographic images in (whatever country).

    Meantime, good luck! // Odyssios

  9. By the way guys, I posted in the forum a few months ago about the difference between pedophilia and pederasty. Its on the third page of the regular forum now I think. In my opinion Pedophilia carries too much negativity with it. I recommend you read the link. :3

  10. I think when it comes to being gay we just want to know what is the same before we know what’s different. I was attracted to younger boys when I was in my teenage years too. I think when we hit puberty around age 13 we already have time to make up for in who we like becaues we were really sexual the whole time since birth without it being expressed. It all goes back to the same thing. With somebody older what matters is if it’s love which will guarantee a quality relationship.

  11. Great dude, I think you are beautiful, but then again I am prejudiced, i love boys and always will, if you want to meet men, I think this is the right place, choose them well, although as said before this is a safe place, good luck dude, hugs and kisses if I could, love ya!

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