14 thoughts on “The most beautiful faces I’ve seen so far.

  1. Why do i have the feeling…that people in general don’t like me for who i am….called a boylover.I’m just a humanbeing. I am so dissapointed…And i am supposed to accept loud and clear that i have no problems with other prefencences? Whell, i do. I make a wish….Please treat me ,like you want to be treated by me,or anyone else.
    …the world would be a better place if we all do so, or…did. Gay, Lesbian… boylovers……I accept you all!!

    • for now do not quite understand your message, it will be by the time I read it, it can be, but if I understand your point of view, I’m not the type of person who spends judging others by their appearance or their tastes, that everyone is like that want to be part of being a person. if we want to communicate by private message, here a friend.

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