20 thoughts on “Hot Young Boys! Part 10

    • Oh yes !
      In strictly legal terms, it is understood that the nude is prohibited with teenagers. Here or somewhere else. But I still think that some photos in speedo are much more sexier than many nudes. I personally prefer often admire a boy with a tight sticky speedo or with a wet white underwear that if he was naked. But law is law…
      Thanks anyway for the time you spend in verifying and posting our pages.

  1. In my youth, probably in Jurassic Era, we had shorts, very short shorts. It even happened that one sees beyond the underwear, slightly, spreading the legs. And even more…. Today, shorts are very very long, they look like skirts, but, this time, we can see the underwear up, and even half of the pubis (look at the #3). A few centimeters lower, and we wonders what will appear ! That’s the way of changing fashion. Go on, kids, don’t stop here ! You have again centimeters to win ! diablo

  2. Hot boys yummy tummies!!! #3 Almost there for the prize..#5 Hot abs love to kiss them and below… joy Last boy is a cute little blonde boy…So sexy..I want him… dash dash heart

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