Favorite music ♫

Paul Silve is of French origin
He sings “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt

Die Chorjungen (Nico, Jan, and Georg) are of German origin
This choir, which is one of the most renowned boys’ choirs throughout Germany, has long been her second home.
Now the young singers to share their talents with the world.

Élie Dupuis is of Canadian origin
He sings “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” by Nancy Sinatra (French Version)

Keanrah, Abhinav Singh, Lukas Rieger, Mike Rieger origins are German
They sing “Lips Are Movin”

Toby Randall is of origin of England
Il chante “MAGIC! – Rude”

Max & Mango – Faire le tour du monde

I recall as if it were yesterday. When I was 12/13 years old, the first time I saw Max on the TV in the School of fans, he was so young long hair perfect face, at first I thought it was because a girl but when the presenter call her first name I thought, what the ***. (I was only 13 years old lol)

For those which do not know yet it is which, and well it is Ronan Parke who sings Someone Like You Ronan is from now on 17 years old always also beautiful.

Afanasy Prokhorov is of Russian origin

is a talented singer, dancer, pianist, and musical theater artist.
His voice and his melancholy grace made him what he is today.

8 thoughts on “Favorite music ♫

  1. Paul Silve : I never heard of James Blunt, but I like the boy. It’s not at all my kind of music, but, in this cas, I just look at the singer

    I like Die Chorjungen (Nico, Jan, and Georg) , but I like generally boys’s choirs

    My favorite, here, is Élie Dupuis because I love piano, and above all, piano played by a young boy

    Keanrah, Abhinav Singh, Lukas Rieger, Mike Rieger, this clip is funny but I just look at the boys, the music is not really for me (I like a little), even if my sons listen to this kind of music. Even when I was 18 yo, except the Beatles, my music was classic piano, you see…

    Toby Randall is a nice boy, sweet. I like a little big the music

    Even me I know Max & Mango, and I have a disc of them ! But I love above these boys, and this Mango ! Waouh !

    Ronan Parke is a pretty boy, but I didn’t know his music. I just heard him when he was very young, may be 9 yo. I like this clip, and I like him too. He was 12 or 13 yo ?

    Afanasy Prokhorov is awesome

    Boysblogs is a blog for boys, and everything about boys is welcome. Thanks Yann for these choices. A good moment to enjoy, a lovely spectacle of boys singing.

  2. Troye Sivan is still beautiful at 20 years old (born June 5, 1995). When he was 18 he came out publicly in a YouTube video to his half million mostly teenage followers. Visitors to this blog may remember him as the young James Logan in the prologue of the 2009 movie, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” But I want everyone to hear him when he sang “Over the Rainbow” at a 2006 telethon in Australia. The video quality is awful — fuzzy and horizontally scrunched — but his somewhat jazzy rendition is remarkably mature for someone just eleven years old, a truly great performance. Go to .

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