26 thoughts on “Take a little World Tour

  1. MAXIE, i love very boys feet between 6 and 18 years old.
    My prefer, is for photo 3 (boy with plastic sandal).
    My most Big dream, is caress and kiss their fantastic feet.
    I love very see barefoot boys on the grass because is for me see Paradise and God in Earth.
    It’s a really spiritual. For me the true religion should be love boys feet.
    In a world where everything is fake, only boys feet are real.
    I HATE money because i love very boys only and their wonderful feet because in their feet, i can see God.
    Boys are for me little angels and little brothers.
    I love boys very, with all my soul and heart.
    Boys, thanks to exist.
    I kiss and hug to all.
    Peace and love.

    • I agree with all, but, for me, not only feet. Every part of a boy is a true Paradise to explore with eyes, and more if possible. I can’t say what is the best part because I love them fully. And since I was very young.

    • Stefano, your name remind me a boyfriend in Germany -Stefan-. Your words are beautiful, I thank you for that. I like also feet and a lot of parts more laugh . I like boys 12 to 16. Where are you from ?, you can also write me in Italian, Spanish or German, I can a little bit of each one. I will be very pleased to answer you. Thank you very much for your words. heart good hug

  2. I feel for a man that had no childhood because that beautiful child remains trapped forever inside a tortured mans soul with no way to express its awesome childness ,I’m young still but also had no childhood and no little or big brother or friends but now I have the love of a beautiful incredible boyfriend and I thank god every minute for him ,thank you for your lovely words and awesome post cry

  3. I like all your choices for this post Maxie! my favorites are #1 shock and #2 shock ! If I was wealthy, I’d visit all the countries in Europe and other parts of the world! just to see the boys! smile

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