21 thoughts on “boys are best

  1. Teg333 here. Just want to say thankyou to everybody’s nice comment’s about my sonny pict upload. But i dont think i will upload anymore picts boy’sblog user “kyp ” comment really hurt me so its best i dont upload anymore iam sorry to all you nice people…

  2. Teg333 reply to mikester and doug thankyou both so much for your kind and uplifiting message’s. I will have to think if i will upload anymore picts. But thankyou to you both anyway your reply’s mean’s so much to me… regards teg333

    • You do know you can upload up to 10 pics in a post? You can share more Sonny at once. smile Although he is not my favorite boy, I know lots of others do like him. but sometimes there are quiet some posts dedicated to him in a short time.

      I do think that negative comments should be okay, but only when the are formulated in a normal way and not as @Kyp has done in his first comment on this page.

  3. Yeah Teg333, Sonny pics rock, always great to look at, real good, just a pity his photographer puts him odd getups, satin speedos, feather boas & leg warmers, he could be styled better, but Teg please don’t stop posting, that would be sad if you did.

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