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  1. Hello,My fellow BL’S There is something that I need to share with all of you.I live in New York and I had one of the most enlightin experince recently.Yesterday as I was waiting for my train ride back to brooklyn prior to shopping in manhattan.A very cute young boy 11 to be exact sat next to me in the waiting area of the platform.He looked almost like Daniel Radcliffe.He had hazel eyes and slim.He noticed that I was reading an article about the recent Comi Con convention.He told me about his favorite superhero spiderman and I told him mine was batman.We really hit it off really well.He said his name was Hector and that he was going to a friends house.Anyway as soon as my train arrived,I told hector it was nice talking to him.He said the same thing to me.And as the train was pulling away Hector waved goodbye and BLEW ME A KISS.OMG I WAS SO SHOCKED AND HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME.I SO HOPE I SEE HIM AGAIN.Anyway I just thought that I’d share that with you all.

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