10 thoughts on “cuties of the week part 6 of 7

  1. Dangerous games: we know how it begins, but we guess how it may end. I really like. I was judo instructor from 17 to 19 yo and the prof had given me the young boys because I was not rude with them. No, I was not at all rude with them. I was frankly too mild already. Sometimes a little boy was crying, so I stopped everything and I took him in my arms to comfort him. Obviously, all the young boys wanted me as their monitor. I never said no ! You know guys, I love boys.

  2. the end of my first week here is on my next post it not these cuties but 1st and last is florian and others showing a bit more skin but not nude so they should be ok.
    I have lots of florian and other model boys if I can post them here let me know who your fave and ill see what I got.

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