39 thoughts on “A bunch of Speedos

  1. Another great post, Maxie. Again there is so much beauty and this time, my favourite is Danny heart . What a great photo that is. 1,3,4,5 8 and 10 are the others I really like. Thank you very much, Maxie.

  2. I see that my young portuguese boy #3 has success. Happy to see him on your page . Go on folks. He was so nice (but pict taken in 1985) and he deserves to be posted and reposted. And he is very well among these lot of splendid other boys.

  3. I saw the phrase “well armed”……has everyone overlooked Benjinin,#10,who in my book IS a 10 and he is either glad to see me or certainly well armed and soooo cute! Please send him to me……I can love him, already do. The others are also very beautiful and nicely presented
    Thanks so much heart heart heart

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