25 thoughts on “More diaper boys!

  1. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 are so sexy heart
    1 and 3 sleeping, good time for a…cuddle laugh
    4 and 5 have the best idea in those positions acute
    10, both boys in one bed. Sure, I’ll join you in the bed drinks

  2. Diaper boys in old style cloth and rubber pants are what really floats my boat because that was what I wore as a little guy and what my kids wore. yes With cloth diapers more time has to be taken with the boy naked and having you tend to his most sensitive areas. laugh Also there is a trust between you and him because of the pinning of the diaper which creates a bond. heart Then slipping the plastic pants on and off creates more time with the boy and is a more intimate action than just tearing adhesive strips. good But these boy look like they are enjoying getting to be babied for a moment or two and their pleasure is what counts. good Thank you for sharing AWESOMECUTIES. drinks heart

  3. I love older boys in diapers. As a father, I remember having my boys wear diapers at night until ammost 4th grade. they liked it. those boys looked like they had to potty.

  4. Love me some cute diaper boys. I really like #4. I wish my 12 year old could still fit into babyish diapers like that. hafta stick him in plain “big boy” diapers for his bedwetting which are pretty boring

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