13 thoughts on “Like ice-hockey … :)

  1. I think all the sports for boys should be practiced only in speedos or underwear, white if possible, and eventually wet. In that case I would attend all games of the World…

  2. ” tres chaud ” this handsome young boy is well protected. Looks like he’s ready for some rough play. Nice body , love the white socks and undies pose. Wrong sport though, he’s not exactly dressed for ice hockey .

  3. Lost these pics a while ago!!! Had them but somehow erased them!! dash Thanks for the repost!! or post, cant remember were I first saw them but found them very erotic! Hes a sexy little beast! Love the white undies and shoulder pads, love the way he lays on that bench!! Too Hot! Although I do think his gear is more American “Football”, but doesn’t matter! Great post THANKS!!!!

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