10 thoughts on “Chunky Boys 2

  1. I like #8 and #9, but chunky boys are not always very happy, even if they look happy. It is a real problem now. But we have to be kind with them.

  2. I agree with the first commenter. Don’t think of their bodies being flabbier than we’d like, think about the self-confidence and courage it takes to wear a skimpy speedo with that kind of physique. That by itself turns me on. Having said that, did you notice the thin fit hottie in the background of #4? Growwwl.

  3. Simply gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! The last bit…I can’t stop admiring! His build, hair, coloring. Stunning. I am so very, very great full for you posting these. Maybe we’ll formed, stocky boys aren’t everyone’s fav, but far and away, mine! Gonna go back and check out the other posts again! Love it, and grateful, such beautiful, beautiful boys!

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