16 thoughts on “Shorts are also Sexy

    • Yes, you are right paperpaul. I try to post the best 10 pictures from 50 or less pictures, and try to place the pics conveniently. My grandmother told me, not to love all boys, but only 3 or 4 were good to do. laugh Tks paperpaul. good hug

  1. Another lovely selection, Maxie, and I was immediately drawn to it by beautiful Baca heart ! I think he is gorgeous! Then Alejandro and Scotty and Xavi heart , the boy who follows Scotty and who is another of my favourites. So much beauty, Maxie, and I really like pictures 7 and 9 too. Thank you again, Maxie. good drinks hug

    • Thank you very much flo. That pic of Baca is lovely, than Today you are not going to sleep, to many people with you, 7 is also cute, but 9 has, I think, a surprise under. Sleep well, dream with Baca. Max.

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