10 thoughts on “Bronek

  1. Thanks dude but I love these pics because if you look carefully at his undies he is leaking! Absolutely makes me crazy, I have quite a few like this, but gosh these kind of pics drive me, as I said crazy!

  2. Can anyone post damp patches on undies? Gosh on little boys I think that can be such a turn on! Not on old geezers like me obviously, but boys, I can’t say anymore, gosh I am sick!

  3. Also guys my wifi doesn’t work well, i dunno whats the problem, my own pics don’t upload only pics i downloaded, wow that’s a shame I have some good ones, now our WiFi doesn’t connect well with boyblogs, that’s a shame, I connect well with other like twitter, and actually obscure places, so be it! Keep well love ya

  4. So what do we do now? Not one of you read the forum, okay some of you do, but still what now, I might go out to a club and cruise about a little bit, I might meet up with somebody, that will work for me, I love boys and just to give them a hug means a lot, but hey we all need more than that, BL or what? I control it my love is difficult but I do it dudes!

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