Del-EYE-ghts (delights)

Today i bring to you: cute boys eyes. Hope you like the pics.







Of course Tristan deserved to be here


And so does Steele



Hope you enjoyed. Which boy do you think has the most charming eyes?
What would you like my next post to be about?
a) Jonah    b)Kol   c)Boys with piercings  d)A new youtuber boy     e)A chubby boy

16 thoughts on “Del-EYE-ghts (delights)

  1. I love 1,5,6,7,8,9, so very cute and very pretty. I would love a new YouTube boy. Please include his channel so I can follow . You are going to gave a hard time topping Jonah thou.

    • oh, I am in no way trying to tio Jonah, paul! I know his beauty could never be beaten, and Jonah has earned a special palce in my heart forever with his charisma and beauty, so he will always be the prettiest boy to me. Plus, most of our friend BLs in here seem to agree Jonah’s beauty can’t be compared to anything!
      As for adding youtube channels, sorry, but the moderators don’t allow us to put a link in the posts. If you ask for it via PM i will gladly send you the link there smile

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