41 thoughts on “Some Beautiful Boys

  1. You never fail to spoil us Maxie excellent post once again thanks so much for that I will tell you my real name its Matthew but my friends call me Matt and I consider you to be one . Keep theses fab post coming good

  2. A wonderful post! There is so much to marvel at. Andy and Leonardo are special and so is 6, but Annuary heart ! Wow, he is gorgeous! And the 2 boys in shorts heart ! But my favourite is 7 heart ! That face and smile and beautiful upper body! Thank you so much again, Maxie.

  3. Would pin Leonardo.. oh wait, he’s already pinned! Would hug tightly that swimmer with red and black speedos then will lift him gently in the air and pin him in the sand, pressing his shoulders firmly onto the ground. He’s muscular, shredded and hot.

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