11 thoughts on “ughhh…that underwear ;)

  1. I love this “kangaroo” underwear (we call this in French “slip kangourou”) Often the little cub in the kangaroo mother’s pocket wants to show his nose… to breath fresh air or to be kissed by another kangaroo KL (Kangaroocub Lover)
    Thanks, lovely, it reminds me many things with me, young, and with my boys.

  2. Oh really , just toss the ughhh underwear. This sweet boy would make us all much happier wearing a pair of sexy classic white cotton boys undies by Ralph Lauren. The poor dear boy looks so ashamed.

  3. You guys make me laugh, one, he ain’t a little boy anymore, he would be at least 20, two the little bit sticking out is the subject of this pick, and wow doesn’t it just look good?

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