My favourites 1

Time for some sweet, cute and all round awesome boys. Part one features 5 boys, some might be familiar, others not.

First we have a surfer boy: Brodi
Brodi 1

Brodi 2

Lawson is well known here. Thought some more of him would be welcome.
Lawson 1

And he is in great shape
Lawson 2

Time for the Danish delegation. Starting with Lasse (posted some post of him in the past), here are some other ones.
Lasse 1

Lasse 2

Followed by this other boygod. Marcus. Football player and model.
Marcus 1

Marcus 2

And ending this session with Mikkel. He is in touch with his feminine side.
Mikkel 1

Mikkel 2

16 thoughts on “My favourites 1

  1. I’m overwhelmed shock
    I don’t know anybody of them. Shame on me blush
    They’re all wonderful boys. Stunning and very well in shape. Mikkel, Marcus, Lasse and especially Lawson, oh my god, LAWSON!!! I want to see much more of him. He’s just my type. The shirtless pic turns me really on! But why has he a selfie stick already?! Nevermind. Where can I find more pictures of him?

  2. Lady & son. Why dressed like in winter Lady ?…NO NO ! DONT UNDRESS !!..May I ask if Your son is a FKK member ? May I buy him a drink ? ( NO ALCOHOL )….Best regards…Farmer Ted…..WHERE IS NALLE ?…LOVE BOY-PHOTO ! THANKS a 10000 times !…..MILK-FARMER ted.

  3. shock Wow and wow again, they all are so incredible.

    Lawson cute face and great body.

    The Danish boys, I don’t know which one of them is Lasse but I really like the boy on the left.

    And Mikkel in the last picture… beautiful.

    Fantastic post, Jo good

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