Hi All! I´m back

Hello everyone..I´m back, I am not sure of anyone remembers me as I stopped posting between may and june…I saw that Natey is not in the blog anymore sad

I wont be posting daily as I did in the past..but I will try to post often..

For the new members..well my name is Daniel, I joined the blog around last winter I think..and left this summer because I tried to change (change my feelings for boys) but well, I couldn´t, so I am here again. My prefered age range is between 7 and 12, while the perfect boys age for me is 8 and 9 years.

I will start reposting some of the pics I shared months ago, and well…hope you like them!!

image image image image image image image image image image

23 thoughts on “Hi All! I´m back

  1. Welcome back! smile hearted the pictures the 1st time and still do! good yes They’re all so freaking cute! heart hug You’re AOA is almost same as myself! But if the boy is cute lil one I’ll go young as 4! blush blum

  2. Ma #4 est évidemment la meilleure à mon avis, mais beaucoup d’autres m’attirent beaucoup compte tenu du point de vue très intéressant que ces garçons nous offrent…. En tout cas j’aime beaucoup ces poses. Merci

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