41 thoughts on “Scotty and Sean the Stars

  1. Scotty and Sean are one of my all time favorites. They are so pretty and sexy together. I dream they are,a real boy couple. They at so dreamy together I do.love Scotty a little bit more. Thank you.

  2. Scotty and Sean, have best feet in the world.
    But i tell that I am crying after having seen this wonderful boys, because for me boys should stay boys forever and we adults should rejuvenate because the perfect world, it had to be only with barefoot children on grass, and animals, for have maximum of purity and innocence and spirituality.
    I think that life is sad and unfair.
    God bless the children around the world.
    Children, i love you with all my soul and heart because you are for me, my little brothers.
    Children, I’d be willing to die and give my life for you.
    Children, around the world, I wish you well with all my heart and from the depths of the my soul.
    Kisses on your wonderful and magic feet.

  3. A lovely couple, Maxie! They are both gorgeous and together they look great. Scotty’s combination of beautiful face and wonderful body is irresistible and Sean’s brilliant smile and general beauty make him so appealing. Thank you very much again. good drinks hug

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