So much cuttenes…

It is because of such beautiful and adorable boys like these ones that I can’t handle loving boys. I don’t understand how not every men and  boy is a boylover. I mean, boys are the most pretty things there are!




Tristan’s yummy bulge!








Hope you all liked the pics. Have a nice weekend

18 thoughts on “So much cuttenes…

  1. Assyboy I agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY.Boys are truly a wonder of pure beauty and innocence.How could any man not be captivated by that unique spirit is beyond me as well.I so love most of the these sweet cuties you’ve posted.except for the last photo.Oh and Tristan is a lovely boy I love his flat belly and how those pants really hug his slim body.Yeah and I too noticed that bulge just itching to bust out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I had actually never realize how beautiful his tittis are, but now that you pointed it out, I think i like Tristan even more now! haha, and yeah, his big butt has always amused me really much

  2. I think if people were not afraid of being lynch mobed they might admit they are. There is this societal image that liking younger persons male or female is taboo. Yet it I have watched many a person claim to side a long with that impression but to gawk at some pretty jailbait nearly drooling when they think no one is looking.

    By the way great post. drinks

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