43 thoughts on “Speedos’s Bunch

  1. Thank you blakkatt, such a revealing post. # 1 looks so wild and free and the suit on # 5 is magnificent. I would have loved to have found suits like that for my monsters when they were little guys. Really hot, enjoyable post good laugh heart heart

  2. Oh, boy smile … oh boy … ooh how cute and sexy that first boy is. I can’t help but stare and admire him … wow … shock I am not getting ahead of him … so here I just am. Did I missed something when I was left here with the first, lovely creature. heart hug

  3. heart No me puedo decidir por una, nos las pones difícil, tenés un muy buen gusto y tus selecciones son de primera calidad, vos le das mucho prestigio a este lindo sitio! yes

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