41 thoughts on “Groups and Buddies

  1. Wonderful, Maxie, and such a mixture of emotions throughout the post. And very much beauty too!! For me, the most beautiful boys are the boy in black speedos in one, the cutie on the left in 2 and the blond in blue shorts in 3. But each photo has so much to recommend it. Thank you so much again. good drinks hug

  2. Very nice post, the first group really had my head thinking of group games. I also really like the fact you take the time to reply to all the guys comments, very thoughtful. Great job, look forward to more cute, sexy and handsome young lads from you. good hug heart

  3. I always love seeing groups and couples of young boys smiling and showing affection . Young love gives hope in our sometimes troubled world. Love your post Maxie.

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