Milan #1

This is definitely my 1b besides Danny who is 1a as far as boys that are all around sexy (Face, Body, Ass) This is also part 1 of 3 in this series. So let me know what you guys think!



milancd06_08        milancd06_25 milancd06_26   milancd06_22  milancd06_19     milancd06_15     milancd06_11  milancd06_08 milancd06_06  milancd06_04



14 thoughts on “Milan #1

  1. I have the biggest crush on Milan. He to me is so dreamy, so pretty, so sexy, so perfect I love his long sexy legs. His belly is so pretty. Thank you for sharing him.

  2. shock he’s honestly a boy god! 1st time seeing this adorable boy! Everything about him straight up perfection! He’s freaking omg adorable! Can’t wait till next submit of this beautiful boy! heart hug blum

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