41 thoughts on “Pictures from the Web

  1. A wonderful collection once again. Nice viewing angle pictured # 4. laugh Next boy # 5 is really endearing. hug I like many of the details of pictured # 7. good Thanks once again, MAXIE. drinks

  2. Wow, Maxie, you are on top form! All these boys are gorgeous! Tristan stands out for me, as do 4,6 and 7 but I feel I am being unfair to the others. They are all worthy of special mention. Thank you so much, Maxie. good drinks hug

  3. OMG….Thank you Maxie…!!!! Have always loved David and Aaron so much…all these boys are hot…esp #4… I love it when you can see up his shorts and see his undies !!!!!!!!
    laugh heart heart diablo

  4. aawww, so good to notice my baby David Mazous was posted in here hug he deserves to be featured more often. He is a natural cuttie. And that afro-american boy laying on the couch? shock I am not into black boys, but that one, damn! he is so gorgeous and inviting. His body, his undies, his legs, his bulge (of course laugh ) but i think that what grabbed my attention the most was his pose and face, those are soooo inviting. Like, he is alrady stripped down and everything, and now he is just laying on the couch like “yeah assyboy, here i am, i give you my body, use it as you please, i will just chill and hear music, you come and have fun with my body”

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