25 thoughts on “Nice Boys 11

  1. Yes pic # 1 The “BLUE EYES” are a Magnet for this boy but not only are his eyes more than amazing his whole freakin face his hot!! Take each feature at its own merits..Look at his nose: perfect! His hair:perfect, His lips: perfect and that smooth skin…Oh my god hes a dream cum true..I have other shots of him and I wanna tell you I love this boy!!!! # 3 Is like “what are you lookin at me for,Im too hot for you!!”….and #4 is so cute that you KNOW these boys are doin it!!!..#5&6 also too sexy!!! #8 the older blue eyed boy is just so damn hot!!!!! with lil bro at his side who is also hot for his young age!!!!and the last blue eyed boy looks like hes saying “c`mon lets just do it already I know im hot !!!” All great pics!!!

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