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    • Admiring beauty from afar is in no way sick. can’t speak for anyone other than myself. I visit this site to “feed” a side of myself that, of course, I had trouble coming to terms with. This is a harmless way to live in fantasy in a safe accepting environment. Read the site rules. “Everyday situations, NO inappropriate or nude photos. Who are you to come here and judge ?
      And, on the subject of who are you? Why are you visiting this site if you “believe” the people who view it are “sick?” I mean you had to visit this site in order to post a comment……. Who’s sick then ?

    • Beauty is not sick. Allowing it to shape your behavior CAN be sick. Viewing non-pornographic photos of boys is not, in my opinion, sick. Do you spend your days going on your computer, looking up things that disgust you, and leave crappy comments on them? Sounds like a fantastic use of a day. dash

  1. Wonderful post, the first boy is such a cutie, and the boy with his friends, I wonder why he was in speedos when everyone else was in regular clothes. I love a mystery, would enjoy interrogating laugh him. Thank you Seven. smile heart hug

  2. I love my baseball boy. Memories…..Memories Going to the ball park.

    Looks like the boys had a lot of fun in the sun. Now it’s time for the sleep over.

    A very nice post of cute boys.

  3. Yorkshire terriers likes boys…..and You, Sir ?…Invite you to my bed boys….HAPPY MORNING !…FARMER…GIVE IGELKOTTEN milk, BOY !…..ted MILK-FARMER:

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