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Hope you liked the pics.

Now, the big announecement. Those who saw my first posts might rememeber a promise I made that I will one day post pics of me in here. A long time has passed and I might have dissapointed many because I still have not posted anything. But now, I think I am feel safe enough to post them pics. I plan on posting pics of me in undies, of course, but however, I will not show face, sorry. Now this is the part where I need your help: which kind of undies would you like to see me pose in? I have boxer briefs, 2 regular boxers, briefs and thongs. Please let me know what kind would you like, it means a lot to me for you all to enjoy my pics.  PS. for those who don’t know or don’t remember and are interested in hoe old I am, I am 16, almost 17.
Well, thanks for your help, my BL friends, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day in the blog (:

52 thoughts on “More girlies + Big announcement

    • haha, yes, i have 4 thongs, why is it so shoking? I have even said it several times before. And well, I feel comfortable in any kind of undies, but I want you guys to see me in what you all please the most.

  1. Really? Faceless, non-nude crotch-shots of a nearly adult man of the underwear-fetishistic variety…. That sounds like definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

    I would seek a forum catering more to that, than this blog. ofc, the real reason I get upset, is because I don’t like watching men undress… It’s not brave, manly and sexy. Only when a boy does it – because a boy can say no to having sex with girls, thereby undermining their self esteem and their feeling of being sexy/desirable, whereas a man is not sexually welcome in the first place, just offensive, when he takes his clothes off.

    • well, non-nude is obvious for this blog, crotch-shots? you want crotch-shots? I can make that happen if you want, worry not philthy smile I do understand 16 is too old for most of the people in the blog, that is why i said my age, I want you all to understand the context so you can all enjoy my pics better. And please don’t call me a man, it makes me feel way much older sad And just what the heck with your last point? That was just irrelebant and idiotic up to some point.

      • I think 16-17 is a perfect age, for what it’s worth. And, yeah, that last point is something else…

        I know it’s not an option, but I would love to see your face when you post. Pictures that don’t have a face are just weird to me; it’s too objectifying, I think. However, my vote is for boxer briefs. I’d really like it if you could get your feet in the shot, but that’s your call.

  2. Please do not feel offended but I agree with Philthy Phil. Most of us only want to see pictures of non naked boys in daily situations. I am not saying you are wrong but the pictures you are offering are out of place here, at least for me. Is not such kind of blog, I think. Anyway, some of your pictures are girls

      • I have spent enough time here to realize you’re ¿weird? proposal. But of course I respect you, only writing my point of view, Whatever, I think that anyone can post what he wants unless it is illegal. Perhaps I should say that I am not looking for such kind of post, but is okay if you do. My apologyze for you. # 6 is a girl, just see how she pose. You take it from a clothing catalog, don’t you?

  3. Assyboy, ignore the naysayers. If they don’t like it they don’t have to view the post. Also, for all anyone knows you could still have a boyish body at 16-17 which many people find attractive. Be yourself, post what you want, as long as it’s legal.

    • thanks parker. I do indeed have a really childish face and body, or so i think at least. Well, I want to post whatever you guys ask me to, I want you all to like my pics, and of course I will keep it legal!

  4. Assyboy, at your age I’m sure you would look great in anything !!!!
    I prefer white briefs, but you wear what ever you feel best in…..!!!!!
    I know all your friends here, like me, will love what ever you post…!!!!!
    heart heart heart laugh

  5. you got 10 pictures to work with right?
    I say as many as possible.
    And, 16 to 17 is still a boy. If you are brave enough to share I say you get a war and appreciative reception here !
    Awesome post btw ! and I cant wait for tomorrow to see what you’re offering. L8R
    And, Thanks

  6. You know, everyone has their own tastes. I tend to love stocky, solid built boys. Admittedly, this series I find quite sexy, beautiful, and enjoyable. Imagine, 56 and I like seeing boys in a dress! It’s fun, makes me think “outside the box.” They’re adorable, and apparel rather fun!

    • i couldn’t agree more yes A boy that comfortable enough to wear watheever clothing he wants in public = a boy who is comfortable with himself, a comfortable boy = a happy boy, and a happy boy = a beautiful boy good And hey, remember my motto: “A sissy boy is a good boy” ;) And congratulations to you too!, by the way! for coming out as such young age drinks

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