15 thoughts on “A very strong boy

    • Hi paperpaul. Since you have a positive comment on évery picture on this blog, witch i watch when there is a new post or posts, i ask myself;are you not one of the guys who maintain this site to keep it “alive”…or dont you have nothing els to do or so…I read a lot of comments of difrent people about the most beautyfull pictures. But actually i think you’re kinda’ crazy. Mr. paperpaul. Btw my name is Jente Worrell 35 of age and live in Utrecht, Netherlands. I am not shy. You are!!! Ok? Face it.

  1. Guy, there is good wrestling and bad wrestling…..this is perfect wrestling in my opinion – two really cute boys who are good friends.
    What they’re doing is obviously not serious fighting, Kobus is allowing Jacques to show the viewers the different holds that professional wrestlers use. Plus, Kobus has a strength and experience advantage over Jacques. I have been taught wrestling, so I can see that Kobus is actually instructing Jacques also.
    I think they would have had a lot of fun making the video, and I wish I could have been the camera boy.p, or the referee.

    AlShamin…..thank you for the post. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and had the sme thoughts as you did. He’s gorgeous.

    Paperpaul, if you want to comment on every picture, video or whatever, go straight ahead. If you get that much pleasure from this website, good for you.

    To all the negative people that have responded to either the video, or those who have commented poorly on it, please be civil and keep your tongue between your teeth. I was always taught, “If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all”.
    I’m sorry it appears the cat took someones tongue too …. and it seems their vocabulary was also wiskered away along with it….NOT?

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