19 thoughts on “Gui & Tom

  1. what a cute pair of hotties hug heart Pic #4 just wins! those short shorts and sleveless shirt just make any Boylover’s heart melt! What is better than havin a hot son? Having 2 super hot sons at once!!! I would love to be their daddy, o yes yes

  2. I’d make a bet that all these pics are of the same set of twins at differing ages! I just hope their Dad realizes JUST how lucky he is! there is no closer brotherly bond, than the one twins share!

    Want to see some magic? take set of girl twins and a set of boy twins (Adults of course!) have the boys twin marry the girl twins, then IF the 2 couples each have boy as there first kids, those Cousins will look like twin brothers! and same goes if it happens to be girls too!

    I have seen this for myself! yes

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