My best friend, Daniel.

Around three years ago I met a good friend of mine. She is still my friend to this day. Even after a few failed relationships we are still good friends as she has seemed to understand me more than myself. What I mean by this is, I met her brother one night. His name is Daniel. Daniel is a sweet boy. He was 12 when I first met him and is now 15. Unfortunately him and I no longer talk because of a few mistakes I made. Hopefully you’ll understand after this series of posts. Throughout the years Daniel and I grew a relationship ourselves. I was 17 when we first started dating. We never kissed, or anything more than that either. The most that ever happened between us was holding hands and hugging, which I loved by the way. One day his sister found out about us and she didn’t like it at all. She ended up telling their dad and he took it the wrong way of course. Saying his son wasn’t gay and ended up forbidding us from talking. We didn’t speak for about three months. Until his birthday came up. So I took a shot in the dark and sent him a message saying happy birthday. He replied! I was so happy. We talked for quite awhile. We hung out together. He was once again mine. Honestly, I’d say I love him. I mean how can I not? He’s perfect. One night after I took him to a movie and dinner we were talking, I asked him what his flaws were. He said he had small feet. Ha, it was adorable. I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He was rather embarrassed, so of course I felt bad for him. I just hugged him and reassured him there was nothing wrong with him. There’s a lot more I want to share with you all, I just have to remember what to share. It’s been a long ride with him, and hopefully we will talk once again someday. I’ll end this post with some early pictures of him. Back when we first started out. Followed in the next posts will be pictures of him growing up. Which I’ve had the pleasure of being apart of. FB_IMG_1448126434275







I apolize for any duplicate photos. When I go to upload them I can’t seem to find them in the folder I placed them in.

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