27 thoughts on “Nice Boys 13

  1. Nr.6 …i would fall in in love with him…a super beautyful face….and combined with a lovely great caracter, his innocence and his voice…man…actually i hope,to never fall in love with a boy,like him,again. I did when i was 15, and he was 11. It was like a lighetinstrike on a bleu sky! And it brought me so much tears….Therapy for me? NO! Therapy for the rest of most people who made it more whorse ,by there statements’…i do not love judgement..in general. Peace!!

  2. Pics 2 and 7
    Thank you sweethearts for lifting and opening your shirts so we can see what incredible rock hard bods you have. It’s to bad the photographer couldn’t get you to take off your shirts entirely but you’re both still great examples of young boy beef cake
    Last pic… “It’s Hugo.” There’s an entire series of pics devoted to this cutie.

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