Young Friendship


I bet he is complimenting him about his speedo










The way he looks at him <3

I hope you enjoyed the pics. Which set of boys do you think have the most beautiful frienship?
Hey guys, please do keep commenting on my last post, for it is really important for me to post pics you all can enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Young Friendship

    • yes, that is definetely a true love he has for his friend, but who blames him? they are both cute, haha. I support him, I hope he gets his friend to be his boyfriend and become a lovely couple

  1. Assyboy you have again put together a great group of boy shots. o answer your question I think the boys in number 3 will be life long friends because they appear to be brothers who really love each other. The boys in number 7 seem to be a group of friends who really enjoy each other. The group in frame 9 are models for Tiger brand underwear, so who knows if they are really friends or just acting, models can get catty. The boys in frame 8 appear to be great friends also. Nice post, as always. well done. good heart hug

  2. I love the friendship depicted between the boys in pic #2, beautiful boys with their arms around each other on a beautiful day at the beach. They are so lovely and so sweet, and I can easily imagine those two darlings being friends for life.

    Thanks for posting. smile

    • well, to be honest, they really look alike a lot, so my guess is that they must be brothers, so lets hope they do indeed have a beautiful relationship between them. Thanks for your comment smile

  3. Such a great series. Love the first…beautiful boys in a wonderful conversation. The “heads shot” or bowing of boys was cool. These guys were all quite beautiful! How adorable were the two sweeties hugging! The Tiger Underwear bits are great, but the last one, with the one boys sweet gaze of admiration….that showed me the best honest love! Great job, and thanks for sharing!

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