7 thoughts on “Hayden Byerly

    • Hi assyboy hayden (Jude) did kiss jonah (Connor) in an espisode that aired a few months ago on ABC Family.And they kissed a second time in Jude’s room when they talked about tge first kiss in the tent.It was done very sweet and heartwarming.Just two beautiful scared but courageous boys discovering same-sex attraction for the first time.

      • haha, big misunderstanding that got formed in here, whtv78. I am a HUGE fan of The Fosters (yes, Jude and Connor’s relationship was what got me in), so of course I have seen that kissing scene over and over again. And I agree, the scene was really beautiful and warming.
        But the thing is, Connor’s actor isn’t even called Jonah, but Gavin. When I speak of Hayden’s boyfriend being Jonah, I mean my babe Jonah! If you don’t know who he is, I more than invite you to look for my “Jonah” series. He is THE CUTTEST boy in the whole world, and my platonic love. Look him up and tell me, don’t you also agree he would be the perfect boyfriend for Hayden?

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