In honor of my young neighbour David

I wasn’t gonna even post today but this morning fomething truly horrible happened.
The obituary came out for a 14 year old boy living 4 houses down the street from me.
I’m still shaking as i type this.
You should see his picture, the most cutest most beautiful face in the world with the most beautiful smile so big and so warm that it could light up the whole world. It’s just so unbelieveably heartbreaking.
I did not know him that well but all this shook me pretty good. Why is that beautifull little boy gone and i with all my unsolvable problems am still here?
His name is David and he was just 14 years old, it just says left us suddenly whatever that means.
I wish to dedicate this post, these most beautiful little boys’ pics that i have in loving memory of him.
I’m sorry for writing all this, but if you have a son of your own then you are the luckiest man on the planet. Just leave everything and go give your son the biggest hug in the world and tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you, tell him now because tomorrow might be too late.
And if you do not have a son, get off your lazy butt,get a girlfriend and go make one before time runs you over.

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14 thoughts on “In honor of my young neighbour David

  1. I am not sorry you wrote it, I am willing to listen, if anyone takes offense to hearing what is on your heart they are not a friend, I am sorry for your loss, it is hard to hear of any child dying, much harder when it hits close to home, I would gladly have traded with this boy if I could have. He was very cute. Maybe him leaving us now has saved him some unbearable pain in the future. but it is hard to say why one dies while another lives and in our eyes it seems that it should be another way. I am sorry for your loss

  2. Your heartfelt eulogy of David’s passing was deeply moving.I’m so sorry to hear of this most beautiful spirit in both body and soul who left this earth all to soon.As I was reading it I could feel and hear your heart breaking.The only comfort I can give to you is that this wonderous spirit of this most beautiful boy is now in the hands of God our Lord Jesus Christ.I sincerely hope that knowing this may ease your anguwish and pain.I wish you MANY blessings of prayer and healing in the coming day s weeks and months ahead.

  3. I will Rest In Peace little man I can’t stand to hear when a young live is ended so soon brakes my hart and as a father I do worry a lot, my sympathies to the parents of this wonderfully beautiful young man my they have the strength to carry on ….

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