Like what they wear?

Clothes can be as sweet as skin smile

Summer has been great:
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Now winter is coming:

But with a colourful pullover you’ll always be warm:

Sometimes it’s in the detail:

Soccer clothes are always hot:

As well as joggers:

Or tigh jeans:

And yes, skin can be fun too ;)

19 thoughts on “Like what they wear?

  1. Truth is I love them all, sometimes a boy looks better in cloths, i have seen some models in nothing but undie or speedo shots and then found a pic of them fully clothed, some looked more stunning in full cloths, when it comes to nudes sometimes covered is lots better you get to create the perfect…

  2. I totally loved boy #3’s briefs, they are so cute. Of course, I am not sayin he wouldn’t look better withouth them on, but briefs with cartoonish drawing on them are a big weakness for me.

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