9 thoughts on “Red Hair Boys 9

    • My sincere apologies @dylancole. The gif is most definitely not attributed to you at all and was never my intention…..Since I rarely visit this site, perhaps I would be better off learning the etiquette before posting anything. I actually found this site accidently through watching Steele Stebbins, who was the only upside in the movie “Vacation” and this was one of the sites in entering his name in a search engine.
      I later ran into the gif I showed above and only used your name because you seemed to be the leader in focusing on red head kids and wanted to know if it was appropriate to share, as I thought it was a unique anti-bully type gif from a cute red head boy……..Please delete this and the above gif, since it was a complete failure on my part. My apologies, again…….

  1. Old post but I don’t know what the F*#K a gif is but I wanted to say how much I do love the last pic! Looking at that lil ginger with his Biggie Smalls/Notorious B.I.G shirt on just made me laugh laugh How freakin cute that is…….My Ni**a !!!

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