8 thoughts on “Close Up

  1. We used to do this at school. If we were playing Chasey we would get the boy we caught on the ground and sit on their chest. Then pretend to drop our saliva onto their faces. We would always try to suck it back up into our mouths, but sometimes boys got wet faces…lol

    • . . . . We did ” school boy pins ” and in addition to spitting, we farted on their face . . . . F U N Time at boarding school – – – – sad) sad) sad) sad)

  2. I wonder if spitting is unusual or odd. I spit all day. As a young one I have no memory. I do remember baseball players spitting a lot. SPITTING is necessary. I know there are laws in certain places which prohibit public spitting … I saw signs saying so in towns I lived in. The dog can poop but you cannot spit. Ha Ha but real … at $50 if they catch you at it. OH … spitting in the street was ok but NOT on the sidewalk. Public Health Laws. GO figure.

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