The Boy Who Twerked

So a few months ago at the gay pride festival in Sao Paulo Brazil this happened
Conservatives were crying about how “Teh Gayz are corrupting the youth”. While liberals were going on about how “Somebody needs to protect the children”. So… pretty much exactly what you’d expect really.

But hey, on the plus side at least the kid looks like he’s having fun right?

18 thoughts on “The Boy Who Twerked

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  1. people should be greatfukll to know there are good sissy boys who are happy to twerk in nothing but short shorts in public and for the amusemet of others! pitty those boys who dance for no man, but not him, he is proudly shaking that delicious butt infront of a whole parade, and he does it with a lot of talent! Every boy should be like him, in my nody opinion.

  2. Fucking is thrusting and girls do it too to get it in and out just as boys thrust / fuck the dick and girls get it in just as the boys want to and as girls want it. Boys fuck with the ‘sword’ of the penis. There seems to be a problem with a lot of people about the very act of thrust. Eight billion people are here by the semen and the egg … the penile / pelvic thrust might be part of that, and more … not required ! but might be often ! Dancing might include pelvic thrusts but other parts of the body move in most dancing I am aware of. ENJOY !

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