Felix – Gymnast from Canada

F001920b95fvlc61ufrmtcz 001927sifkdc5kikpfr8pf 001930t1ba5jqgjnq0itgg 564878_506640842687616_2010414451_n 1801243_792118207473210_2225013322751494494_o 1921227_946172438734452_7874536112175026322_o 10838056_991571100861252_5376318173715877493_o 10856645_946175222067507_1065495877508243510_o 10985492_991571114194584_4948671309065142755_n 11129375_991571110861251_7734264750317079515_nFelix is a gymnast from Quebec with awesome talent. He has some great videos on YouTube – check them out. His video – Félix Dolci GYMNASTIQUE 2015 – is a fantastic video.

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