13 thoughts on “Golden Age of Boys Shorts Cont’d

    • I wonder about that ‘ homophobic hysteria ‘. I can not figure it. I remember boys in shorts as I was a young one and I wore them but I recall no sexual meanings. The baggy pants coming into a style in the 1980’s and ( for example ) the basketball shorts becoming long and baggy ( and boxer shorts similarly ) seemed odd to me … but was it really homophobic ? Was it some kind of hysteria ? Or, is there a sexual meaning to the baggy pant ? The tight white underpants had no sexual meaning to me as a young one. The boxer shorts did. So did blue jeans of a certain kind … UH OH !!! I remember the Spanish bull fighting super tights and the fitting of them on … it was on tv at the time … and, now, how ? I cannot figure. I agree there is something but I cannot figure it out.

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