Jonah 4 !!!

It has passed a lot of time since this blog has seen a psot of my cuttie boyfriend, so i decided it was time to share some pics of my babe. Hope you enjoy of him once more (:











“Goodbye everyone, I love you all”

6 thoughts on “Jonah 4 !!!

    • he is THE perfect boy. That is the only word that describes him: PERFECT! his daddy is so lucky to have such a perfect little boy, I would love to know Jonah in real life and steal him a kiss inlove and hug him until he can barely breath and then play with his gorgeous hair and tickle him to hear his lovely laugh… to keep it out of details, I wish Jonah were my boyfriend!

  1. Jonah 4!!!, My dear good man, never for the rest of your life permit some one to take these types of pictures of you. It is clearly some one that does not appreciate the beauty you have to offer the world. The next time some one wants to take pictures of you, go to the Beach, get yourself a light blue speedo, small in size, and just be yourself, nature will take it’s course and you could be the talk of this web site.

    • um, are you saying my pics aren’t good? thanks if that is the case, I do know my lightning was not good and i will try to make it better for my next post. I would not dare to go to the beach on a small speedo just to take pictures, to be honest, haha, unles there were only boylovers at the beach too, otherwise it would be really awkward

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